Commercial Roofing Services

As a business owner, you may not give much thought to the roof on your commercial building—until a problem arises, that is. The roof is a crucial component of any building, helping protect its valuable contents from the hazards of Mother Nature. Even though a roof is the first-line protector of your structure, it is also your building’s most vulnerable component, requiring consistent inspection, maintenance and repair to extend its life and enable it to continue performing as a protector of your building and its contents.

A commercial or industrial roof is meant to be durable, efficient and to last for many years. Unfortunately, any roof will develop issues over time and as it endures the harsh influences of the elements. If small roof issues aren’t attended to early, they can grow into huge problems that not only put your building and its contents at risk but can also lead to expensive roof failure.

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Commercial Roof Repair

Any roof can develop small problems that can’t be seen by the untrained eye. If left unattended, these little issues can snowball into huge, costly problems. To guard against this, Hostetler Roofing offers expert repair and waterproofing solutions for all roof types, including:

  • Metal
  • Modified bitumen
  • TPO
  • Built-up
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • And more!

No matter what roofing issues or needs you have, the experts at Hostetler Roofing are here to attend to them and to do the job right! Call us today at 614-420-1174 to get the answers you need for prolonging the life of your roof and optimizing its performance.

Commercial Roof Repair Problems

When a commercial roof needs repairs, it is an unfortunate—yet common—occurrence for temporary “solutions” to be used, such as simple roof patching, that merely put a Band-Aid on problems but do not solve them. Far from correcting a roof’s problems, these types of quick fixes can actually lead to much bigger and more expensive issues over time, resulting from situations like:

  • Building movement and thermal shock that can cause temporary repairs to deteriorate.
  • Cumulative weathering that can destroy an existing repair.
  • Other issues that can surface, requiring repairs on other parts of the roof.

Many building owners fall victim to these catastrophic problems, which are the result of “quick fixes.” However, you don’t have to become another statistic of poor and inadequate roofing work! Look to the crew at Hostetler Roofing for the right solutions to all your roofing problems.

Roof Repair Solutions

The professionals at Hostetler Roofing provide high-quality solutions that will add long-term value to any building. Our cutting-edge roof coating systems address short-term and long-term problems to:

  • Extend the life of your roof without the necessity of an expensive tear-off.
  • Prevent condensation in your roof structure.
  • Provide a seamless and fully adhered coating.

Further, our top-quality systems:

  • Help prevent unplanned repairs down the road.
  • Can be recoated to further extend the life of your roof.
  • Pay for themselves in A/C cost savings.
  • Result in only minimal disruption during application.

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Commercial Roof Restoration

Did you know that, according to industry studies, as many as 70-80 percent of roofs are replaced prematurely? That’s a lot of money wasted and a lot of unnecessary stress and workflow interruption for business owners. Don’t get trapped into the expense and headaches associated with a full roof replacement—a much less expensive, much better option may be the solution: the installation of a roof coating restoration system.

In some cases, your commercial roof doesn’t need to be replaced at all but can be treated with a roof coating system, which will restore your roofing assets instead of replacing them. The result for building owners is saving significant time and money and gaining the benefits of a worry-free roofing system!

Roof coatings boast plentiful benefits, including:

  • Significant cost savings.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • No disruptive roof tear-off.
  • No landfill or disposal expenses.
  • No business interruption.
  • Roof can be recoated to indefinitely increase its lifespan.

The roof coating restoration systems used by Hostetler Roofing form a seamless, waterproof barrier right over a building’s existing roof—no need for an expensive, labor-intensive tear-off and other costly related work. Installing a roof coating adds years to a roof’s life, and these strong coatings can stand up to some of Mother Nature’s very worst elements: snow, rain, hail, UV damage and even hurricane-force winds!

Enjoy the benefits of an ENERGY STAR® certified roof that needs much less maintenance, along with non-prorated warranty coverage that lasts up to 18 years and huge savings in your utility costs. The installation of white roofing can save up to 30 percent in annual A/C costs, and any of Hostetler Roofing’s coating restoration systems can pay for themselves in seven years or less due to these savings! Call us today at 614-420-1174 to find out more!

Advantages of Roof Coating Restoration

When you work with Hostetler Roofing, you will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in the capable hands of trusted professionals. You can count on our:

  • Extensive construction knowledge.
  • Durable, long-lasting solutions.
  • Skilled roofing technicians and applicators.
  • Non-prorated warranty coverage.
  • Manufacturer warranty options.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality service, and we are knowledgeable in applying roof coating systems to all types of facilities. Some of the benefits of our premium roof coating systems include:

  • Formation of a seamless, waterproof barrier over existing roof.
  • Adds years to a roof’s lifespan.
  • Effective solution for roofing problems.
  • Full adhesion with no fasteners or adhesives.
  • Eliminates leaks and condensation within roof structure.
  • Excellent durability and tensile strength.
  • Expands and contracts with changing temperatures.
  • Postpones roof aging with UV-ray resistance.
  • Up to Class A fire resistance and Class 4 impact resistance.
  • ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • Reflects up to 85 percent of sun’s rays.
  • Can save up to 30 percent in A/C costs.
  • Can be recoated to indefinitely extend roof’s lifespan.
  • Premium roof coating systems can pay for themselves in 5-7 years thanks to associated energy cost savings.
  • Systems can be backed by non-prorated, no-dollar-limit warranties for up to 18 years, which are renewable and extendable.

Roof Coating Service Estimate

At Hostetler Roofing, we aren’t satisfied until our customers are! We are proud to provide the high-quality customer service our valued patrons can count on and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each roof. So, what are you waiting for? Give Hostetler Roofing a call today, 614-420-1174, to schedule a free professional roof estimate and to find out the best options for your commercial roof needs!

Commercial Roof Replacement

Are trouble signs cropping up for your commercial or industrial roof? The knowledgeable professionals at Hostetler Roofing are on the job! We provide professional assessments to pinpoint a roof’s exact issues and to ascertain whether a building needs a new roof or if another, less expensive solution can fix the problem. Whatever your roof needs, the Hostetler Roofing crew is the team you can trust for reliable, warrantied service!

Give us a call today at 614-420-1174 and one of our friendly, knowledgeable company representatives will respond to your location and meticulously survey your roof to assess all compromised areas. You will then be provided with a detailed assessment of the condition of your roof and all available options for fixing it.

Hostetler Roofing is committed to giving our clients the highest-quality service as we address all their roofing needs. Call us today to reap the benefits of a protected, leak-free and energy-efficient roof that will last for years to come!

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